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Looks Like A Normal Newspaper, Right? Wrong. It’s Totally Brilliant… Check It Out.

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Sri Lankan newspaper Mawbima has given print media whole new sense of purpose: repelling mosquitos. And IA don”t mean just by swatting at theA annoying insectsA with the rolled up paper. They”ve stepped their methods up a notch with a simple yet effective solution to those nasty bites. TheA entire newspaper has been printed with citronella-infused ink to keep the bugs at bay and keep readers safe from the dengue fever they”re notorious for spreading. Unlike other disease-carrying mosquitos, these stick around during the day making bed-netting a mute defense. The campaign was a success, selling out the entire edition my 10:00 am…and keeping people un-stung!


H/T: IFL Science. Maybe the New York Times should take a page out of this paper. Be sure to share the innovation with your friends below.


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