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If You Want Just A Little Dessert, The Cakes This Guy Makes Are Just For You

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If there are two things we can all agree on, it”s the love of both cake and miniature things. That”s why we”re beyond pleased that Miniature Space exists. This YouTube channel features the creation of completely edible treats that just happen to be created on a tiny scale. Today, we”re looking at a tiny layer cake, complete with strawberry filling and sprinkles.

The shape is cut out from an average-sized piece of cake.

We know it kind of looks like white bread, but we”re assuming it”s just a very thin cake.

Even the cooking instruments are tiny!

The cake is assembled…

…and frosted…

…and decorated.

It looks delicious, although we can”t help but wonder what happened to the rest of the cake.

If you want the full details on the cake”s creation, be sure to watch the video below. Don”t question why this is happening. Just go with it.

But wait! There”s more than cake on the menu.

But wait! There

There are pancakes.

There”s cheese fondue.

There”s sushi.

And there”s shrimp tempura.

(via YouTube/Miniature Space, BoredPanda)

This might make you hungry for average-sized food, but let”s take a moment to bask in the glory of two great things: food and miniatures. If you like what you see, you can check out more from Miniature Space on YouTube and on Facebook.


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