He Got Shot In The Head To Make A Point. And A Very Good One At That.

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Have you ever looked, really looked, at advertisements you pass on your daily commute? Many probably focus on the inherent needs, wants and desires of consumers, but there is a shocking trend you might not have noticed. New York-based artist Jon Burgerman, did though. By just posing next to some ads in the subway (and then editing the photos), he made people realize how violence is romanticized in our culture… and it”s everywhere.

You might not realize it…

You might not realize it...

But this violence is everywhere.

But this violence is everywhere.

Weapons of every kind are used in advertising.

Weapons of every kind are used in advertising.

Maybe we shouldn”t be so romantic about this kind of violence.

Maybe we shouldn

“Its my belief that through these playful, creative acts, Art can act as an agent to change the world, by being the catalysis to allow people to change their worlds in really simple ways.”

“The goal with head shots was just to make people look again at and re-evaluate the type of imagery we have no choice of avoiding in our public spaces.”

(H/T Bored Panda) He calls the series Head Shots. Although the point of these digitally altered photos is to convince people that perhaps public advertisements aren”t the proper place for violence, British newspapers rejected these photos for being too violent. Have you noticed how often violence is pushed in your face during your daily routine? After seeing these photos, you just might. Show others the truth of advertisements that surround us in our daily life by sharing this article.


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